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4 Compelling Reasons to Have a Pre-Listing Inspection

Surveyor In Hard Hat And High Visibility Jacket With Digital Tablet Carrying Out House Inspection

Most home inspections are performed by buyers after they have bought a home. A pre-listing inspection, however, is a little different. It is a home inspection that the seller performs before their home is on the market. But why would you perform a pre-listing inspection to begin with? Here are four compelling reasons: You Can… Read more »

How to Reduce Energy Waste in Your Home this Summer

Hand turning a home thermostat knob to set temperature on energy saving mode. celcius units. Composite image between a photography and a 3D background.

During the summer months, our main concern is to keep ourselves cool and comfortable in our homes. Unfortunately, that comes at the risk of skyrocketing energy bills at the end of the month. We all know that running an air conditioner (even if it’s a small, window air conditioner) can drastically increase our energy bills…. Read more »

What is Attic Rain?

Any homeowner will tell you that just when you think things have settled down, your house will surprise you with a curve ball. Most of the time, you’ll be focused on the main floors, structural elements, and utilities, but in the winter months especially, don’t forget to pop open the attic door and see what’s… Read more »

The Secret’s Out: One of Calgary’s Only Female Home Inspectors

The funny thing about male-dominated industries, such as construction, automotive services, and utility trades, is that they’re only deemed “man’s work” until a capable woman comes along and shakes things up. This is largely because, for centuries, society has groomed us to associate certain mental images with what is considered “woman’s work” and man’s work.”… Read more »

Summer Home Maintenance Musts

Ahh, summer. With the harsh winters we get here in Calgary, the summer sunshine is something we all begin to crave after a while. Though we know it can be tempting to load the family into the van and head down to the beach every weekend this season, we encourage all homeowners to put it… Read more »

The Hidden Dangers of Appliance Recalls

Say there was a recall on your vehicle; some glitch may cause the engine to stall or the breaks to fail. You’d want to know about it so you could have the issue fixed, right? Of course, that’s an obvious one. The average weight of a midsize vehicle is a little over 1,500 kg. The… Read more »

Low-Cost Home Security Measures to Consider

If you’re like most savvy homeowners, you understand the peace of mind that investing in home security products can offer. However, it’s a luxury that often comes with a hefty price tag some either can’t afford or can’t justify. Professional home security companies here in Calgary charge astronomical prices for equipment and installation, and the… Read more »

How Does COVID-19 Affect My Home Inspection?

Since the initial spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) throughout Calgary and the rest of the world, it seems as though time has stood still. Businesses closed their doors, people are staying at home, and we’re collectively holding our breath as we wait for it all to be over. However, many can’t just sit… Read more »