High & low rise condominium inspections
If you are investing in a high-rise condo (condominium) or a low rise condo, you know what to look for in a quality property; location, amenities and of course, great value. However, there are many things buyers, new and veteran alike, will overlook. These minor oversights, however small they may be, can end up costing thousands of dollars in the future.  

Common issues with a property are often structural and can cause future damage to a seemingly perfect property. The problem is most buyers don’t know what to look for. Thankfully, Accurate Home Inspection does. We are a full service inspection company that delivers the most thorough and comprehensive inspections available, helping buyers take the guessing out of finding a new high-rise condo.

Our inspectors are fully licensed and have the knowledge and experience to assess any property for possible faults. Without a proper inspection, you could be walking into a situation beyond your control, and stuck with an investment and property in need of serious work. With the information from Accurate Home Inspection, you can properly evaluate your intended property and learn the true value of your possible investment.

Let Accurate Home Inspection help you safely invest, and find out why we have become the premiere high-rise and low rise condo inspectors in Calgary. For more information, contact us today.