Summer Home Maintenance Musts

Ahh, summer. With the harsh winters we get here in Calgary, the summer sunshine is something we all begin to crave after a while. Though we know it can be tempting to load the family into the van and head down to the beach every weekend this season, we encourage all homeowners to put it in park and remember that there is still a lot of work to do!

Painting Home Exterior

While you may have knocked some of the bigger things off your home maintenance checklist when we transitioned from winter to spring, don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re off the hook until fall. Here are just a few action items to focus on this summer:

Repair and repaint exterior paint

The elements may have done quite the number on your home’s exterior paint over the cooler months. Take a look at your siding and window trim and repair and repaint any areas that need extra attention. Not only will this help to improve your overall curb appeal, but it will help to prevent wood rot and put your exterior in a better position to withstand the elements when the temperatures drop again in a few months.

Trim back trees and shrubs

Many homeowners get their pruning and general landscaping out of the way in mid-to-late spring, but that doesn’t mean everything stays exactly in place. As the seasons progress, trees and shrubs will continue to grow, which can be an issue depending on how close they are planted to the home’s structure. Make sure they are continually trimmed back away from your walls and roof and are at least three feet from your AC unit to avoid damage and risk of pest infestation.

Have your AC unit checked and serviced

Speaking of AC units, the last thing you want to do is go into the month of August and have your AC quit on you. Before the hottest month of the year creeps up on you, contact a professional to come out and ensure everything is in working order. It’s better to have peace of mind rather than regrets during the next heatwave.

Power wash and reseal the deck

Summer might as well be called barbeque season, and an essential part of backyard entertainment is a big, beautiful deck for grilling and extra seating. After a snowy winter and a rainy spring, don’t forget to inspect your deck for signs of moisture damage, splitting, and cracking. This will allow you to make any necessary repairs before power washing all the gunk away and resealing for added protection.

We know it may seem like there’s never an end when it comes to home maintenance, and you may be right about that. But when it comes to protecting one of the greatest investments you may ever make in your life, we’d say that the work is always worth it in the end.

To make things easier and help you determine which tasks to tackle when, we’ve put together this easy-to-understand seasonal and annual home maintenance checklist. Determine which action items may need priority, which you can take care of on your own, and which would be better off left to the professionals. The sooner you start crossing things off your list, the sooner you can get to that beach!

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