How Does COVID-19 Affect My Home Inspection?

Since the initial spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) throughout Calgary and the rest of the world, it seems as though time has stood still. Businesses closed their doors, people are staying at home, and we’re collectively holding our breath as we wait for it all to be over. However, many can’t just sit around and wait for things to go back to “normal” when it comes to buying or selling a home. The real estate market must keep moving, and as we all know very well, no real estate transaction should ever be completed without a thorough and professional home inspection.

Here at Accurate Home Inspections, we’re fortunate enough to still be operating business as usual – with some cautionary changes, of course. If you are buying or selling a home in the coming months, consider the following based on the current recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada and the World Health Organization:

Home Buyers and Real Estate Agents

Client inspection attendance will be determined case-by-case

Typically, we encourage potential home buyers to attend the inspection, so they can see everything firsthand and ask questions. With COVID-19, however, buyer attendance will now be determined on a case-by-case basis. If the seller of the home is uncomfortable with the idea, we will complete the inspection on our own, send you the report, and go over it with you in detail over the phone.

If the seller approves for you to attend the home inspection, and you wish to do so, know that we will limit attendance to include only the buyers. Children, contractors, parents, etc. will all be asked to sit this one out.

Hand sanitizing and limiting the spread of germs

Hand sanitation will be required before you enter and leave the home, and we ask that you do your best to touch as few things as possible while walking through the home. If possible, we will also be washing our hands frequently throughout the entire inspection, as this has been deemed most effective in killing germs.

Added precautions taken by your home inspector

In the interest of public health and the wellbeing of our clients, our inspectors will not attend a home inspection if we are experiencing any symptoms of illness. If we are able to perform a home inspection, we will wear a face mask if requested by the homeowner or anyone present.

Home Sellers

Do not be present during the inspection

At the time your home inspection is scheduled, make arrangement for you and your family to out of the home. Not only does this help to minimize your own contact with those you do not live with, but it helps to keep your inspector protected as well.

Sanitize home surfaces

Doorknobs, toilet handles, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and anything else that may need to be touched during the inspection should be wiped down and sanitized before we arrive.

Reschedule if you’re feeling ill

If you or anyone else in your household are feeling sick or have symptoms of a respiratory illness, please contact us to reschedule your home inspection. We understand you may be eager to wrap things up, but postponing will help to flatten the curve and stop the spread.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how COVID-19 will affect your future home inspection and the precautions Accurate Home Inspections is taking to ensure your safety as well as our own, contact us today. We are eager to help in any way we can and wish you safety and good health during these difficult times!

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