Cochrane, Alberta Home Inspections

Investing in a home is more than a simple transaction – it’s a commitment to your future and a testament to the hard work that led you here. At Accurate Home Inspections, we understand the weight of this decision and aim to ensure your latest investment is structurally and technically sound before you take official ownership. With flexible scheduling, we have the ability to accommodate weekend and evening hours, as well as those in need of a quick home inspection here in Cochrane, Alberta.

In-Depth Buyers Home Inspections

Just as we have served the homeowners of Calgary, we extend our expertise to Cochrane, providing detailed home inspections that analyze every small detail and major system within your prospective home. Our skilled home inspectors, equipped with thermal imaging technology, moisture and gas detectors, and a drone-mounted camera, gives you a complete 360-degree assessment of your potential home, inside and out.

Our in-depth inspection can reveal potential problems like leaks or cracks, HVAC or electrical issues, roof, attic or basement damages, gas leaks, drafts or weak insulation areas, among others. By uncovering these issues prior to contract signing, we provide you with vital information that not only helps you understand the true value of the property, but empowers you to negotiate a better purchase price.

Home Inspections for Sellers in Cochrane, AB

In addition to providing detailed inspections for potential home buyers, we also cater to those on the other side of the coin. A pre-listing home inspection can be an invaluable tool for sellers. By uncovering potential problems that could negatively impact the sale, you are given an opportunity to make necessary repairs before listing your home. This not only increases your home’s appeal, but enhances your credibility with potential buyers, as well.

Our seasoned home inspector is a Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter and certified building thermographer with a rich background in home renovations. An expert eye combined with the latest home inspection technology ensures you’re provided with a thorough analysis of your home’s current state, giving you the insights needed to set a fair and competitive price.

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Regardless of whether you are searching for a new home or are the one looking to sell, Accurate Home Inspections would be happy to assist with your home inspection needs in Cochrane, AB. Call us today to make an appointment with our trusted home inspector and experience the quality service and flexibility we have to offer.