The Hidden Dangers of Appliance Recalls

Say there was a recall on your vehicle; some glitch may cause the engine to stall or the breaks to fail. You’d want to know about it so you could have the issue fixed, right? Of course, that’s an obvious one. The average weight of a midsize vehicle is a little over 1,500 kg. The amount of damage something of that magnitude could cause should something go wrong is enough to make you not want to get behind the wheel.

Home Appliances

Now think about the appliances in your home. Your refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, washer and dryer – even your microwave. Would you be as concerned about an appliance recall as you would a recall on your vehicle? You should be.

Why Appliance Recalls Matter

For most people, the home is their single largest investment. While some appliance recalls may be minor, such as a design flaw that keeps it from operating at peak performance, others may be more serious, resulting in property damage or personal injury. Sure, you could get lucky and never be subjected to a recall at all, but what if that assumption leads you to ignore a potential fire hazard sitting ideally in your kitchen? With such a large investment and the safety of your family at stake, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Since 1974, federal law mandates that if a manufacturer becomes aware that a product they’ve designed poses a danger to consumers, they must recall it. Better yet, they have to fix it – for FREE! Keeping your family and property protected at no extra cost should be all the incentive you need to double-check every appliance in your home.

Discovering an Appliance Recall

The trouble is that many homeowners are not actively looking for problems, especially if their appliances seem to be working. Because of this, they may never take the time to investigate potential recalls. Those that do will find that the government database that houses this information contains 210 million recalls. I don’t know about you but sifting through all those model numbers on the off chance of finding the one you’re looking for doesn’t sound like an ideal way to spend an afternoon. This is where services like RecallChek come in handy.

How RecallChek Works

RecallChek is the first-ever consumer appliance recall reporting system, and at Accurate Home Inspections, we’re proud to offer it to our customers. We simply gather the model numbers from the appliances in your home and submit them to RecallChek. Within ten business days, you will receive a detailed report of the findings. It’s a simple and effective process that gives you peace of mind in knowing (one way or the other) if there is a problem in need of addressing.

Appliance Recalls and Your Home Inspection

Because the process of discovering appliance recalls can be so intensive, many local home inspection companies in Calgary, AB won’t even offer it as a service when conducting home inspections. That’s what sets Accurate Home Inspection apart from the pack. We want our clients to be armed with as much information as possible when it comes to the potential dangers lurking in their home. If offering appliance recall services with the help of RecallChek allows us to achieve that goal, we are more than happy to do it!

For more information regarding RecallChek or any of the home inspection services we offer throughout Calgary, contact Accurate Home Inspections today.

*Summer is fast approaching! Take a look at our seasonal and annual home maintenance recommendations to ensure your home stays in optimal condition with each changing season!

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