Low-Cost Home Security Measures to Consider

If you’re like most savvy homeowners, you understand the peace of mind that investing in home security products can offer. However, it’s a luxury that often comes with a hefty price tag some either can’t afford or can’t justify. Professional home security companies here in Calgary charge astronomical prices for equipment and installation, and the incentive to upsell is always a factor. This means you could be talked into a costly package you don’t necessarily need.

Protect Your Home from Burglars

In lieu of an expensive system, consider that there are plenty of low-cost home security measures you can take to protect your home without breaking the bank. Here are just a few suggestions we have to offer:

Disable your overhead garage door release cord

Just about every homeowner can recognize their garage door release cord as the string that hangs from the center of the garage door. Something you may not realize is when your garage door closes, that cord moves closer and closer to the edge of the garage. It takes a thief less than 30 seconds to fish a hanger through the top of the garage door, hook that cord, and retrieve it from the outside to manually open the door. Disabling the release cord ensures thieves come up empty and are unable to access your garage.

Motion-sensor lighting

There’s nothing burglars hate more than the spotlight. The reason why most break-ins happen during the night is because it’s easier to hide in the dark. Motion-sensor lights take that away from potential home invaders, exposing them out in the open as soon as they get close enough to the detection zone. There are plenty of motion-sensor lights that work off Wi-Fi, eliminating the fees many alarm companies charge for this feature.

Door stop alarms

Install your own personal alarm system for under $20! When everyone in the family is home and it’s time to head up to bed at night, just slip the device under any door leading to the exterior of the home. If the door is pushed open from the outside, the door stop alarm will let out a loud siren, alerting you and anyone else in the vicinity that someone is trying to break in.

If you’d prefer to ensure the door can’t be opened in the first place, check out this portable door lock. This makes it virtually impossible for doors to be opened after being locked. Since it’s portable, you can even take it with you for an extra sense of security when traveling!

Fake TV Burglar Deterrent

What are the chances someone is going to try and break into your home if they think you are home and alert? This Burglar Deterrent TV Simulator mimics the light of the television without sending your energy bills through the roof. Having your lights on a timer is a good option as well, but when you compare the two, the glow and movement of fake tv lights is more likely to fool burglars into believing the house is not empty.

Of course these are just a few examples of budget-friendly home security measures you can take to protect your property and family. It just goes to show there are many low-cost options to consider before blowing your entire savings on an overpriced security system. Even something as simple asking a neighbor to park in your driveway or to take the garbage bins out while you’re on vacation can discourage robbers from stepping foot on your property.

Remember that protecting your home involves more than deterring unwelcomed guests from the outside. Sometimes the biggest threats are found within the walls. That’s why Accurate Home Inspections recommends seasonal and annual home maintenance to extend the life expectancy of your home, avoid significant expenses down the road, and protect your overall investment. Learn more and schedule your home inspection today by calling 403-826-6111.

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