Your Home’s Safety Plan Should Include Fire Extinguishers.

Of course we all would hope our homes would never be consumed by fire, but it can, and does, happen. Most house fires are preventable by following some very basic rules. I think we’d all agree things like; never leaving an open flame unattended, overloading electrical circuits, continuing to use faulty appliances, misplacement of portable… Read more »

Reasons to Have a Foreclosure Professionally Inspected

Foreclosures can offer a lot of benefits to the buyer, specifically low costs. But, that low cost comes with a lot of reasons, all of which are reasons to have a foreclosure professionally inspected in order to know exactly what you’re getting into. Keep in mind: a foreclosure might cost a few thousand, but you’ll… Read more »

Ignoring Problems – Bad Idea!

As a home inspector, I know about the hazards of incorrect construction, landscaping, etc. But, I think that it’s easy for humans to overlook issues with our homes because we have so many other things to solve in life, so why fix every little problem in our homes? We think, “Yes, sure, this defect could… Read more »

Make Sure to Inspect New Homes!

Calgary has a lot of new homes in various areas around the city, including Sherwood, a new community in Calgary’s northwestern portion. For a look at a specific new home in this area and for information regarding Sherwood, check out this Calgary Herald article. That home looks incredible. I personally love the styling; it features… Read more »

Look out for Cracks!

For those of you who don’t read the Calgary Herald, I thought that I’d comment on an article from last week. The article warns of cracks in your basement concrete due to the rapid drying and re-humidifying of the clay beneath your home’s foundation. According to the article, the past decade has been a dry… Read more »