Make Sure to Inspect New Homes!

Calgary has a lot of new homes in various areas around the city, including Sherwood, a new community in Calgary’s northwestern portion. For a look at a specific new home in this area and for information regarding Sherwood, check out this Calgary Herald article.

That home looks incredible. I personally love the styling; it features a pretty good blend of the modern aesthetic with old-world British and French accents. Looking through the photos, I’m almost inclined to think that it’s not near the city at all! The interior is so spacious, it has the feel of a beautiful country home!

That being said, this home is obviously brand new. So, if you want to buy it, should you have a Calgary home inspector take a look?


While I’m sure that this house has all the integrity that it seems to have, if you want to buy it, make sure to conduct a proper Alberta home inspection. Certain mistakes or oversights on the part of one individual in the building process could lead to major issues in the future. For a new home, you already have to shell out enough money – don’t let that turn into even more money in the years to come!