Five Signs it’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Water Heater

Loud Noises

This could mean that your anode rode broke off and is floating around in your tank. This could also be a result of lime or sediments in the tank. This can be remedied by flushing out the old water, and replacing it with fresh water. If the problem persists, assistance may be required.

A Leaky Temperature/Pressure Valve

There is a valve on your water heater that acts as a safety switch. It could be as simple as your tank is just overheating, but it could also mean a leaky valve. This should be looked at by someone with experience, but doesn’t necessarily mean repair or replacement is needed.

The Pilot Won’t Stay Lit

A Pilot that won’t light usually means the thermocouple is bad. It is not an easy DIY project, we suggest involving a professional. Attempting to fix the problem without the proper experience and tools could exacerbate the problem to the point of needing a replacement.

Rust or Corrosion

Rust and Corrosion are often the cause of the sulfur smell and leaks in water heaters. There is usually no repair for severely eroded or leaky tanks. This is when it should be replaced completely.

Hot Water Isn’t Lasting

This is something that should always be checked before selling a home. If your water tank is too small for the size of the house, it makes or breaks decisions. If you have a large tank and know this is not the cause, then there may be a lime build up inside or the dip tube may be broken off.  The dip tube carries the cold water entering the tank to the bottom where it is heated, the hot water rises to the top of the tank and is then sent out to your faucets.  If the dip tube breaks off and the cold water stays at the top of the tank only lukewarm water at best will be sent out to the faucets.