Ignoring Problems – Bad Idea!

As a home inspector, I know about the hazards of incorrect construction, landscaping, etc. But, I think that it’s easy for humans to overlook issues with our homes because we have so many other things to solve in life, so why fix every little problem in our homes? We think, “Yes, sure, this defect could lead to something bad, but it won’t happen to me.” Or we think, “It’s just a little issue, no big deal.”

Well, every issue with a home is a big deal. First of all, never assume that the negative outcome won’t happen to you, because that logic doesn’t make any sense. It’s better to assume the worst and plan to fix it than to wait for something horrible to happen. Similarly, thinking that something is just a “little” issue and that it, therefore, doesn’t matter will land you in a world of problems. Once you label one thing as a little issue, you’ll do it with the next problem, then the next… and the next. One day you’ll wake up and realize that you have a hundred “little” issues with your home and you won’t have any clue where to begin fixing them all.

You need to face every problem that comes your way and fix them as soon as possible. Thinking that your home’s bad grading won’t lead to a basement flood is a good way to end up with knee deep water in your basement. Thinking that your bathroom’s incandescent lights’ close proximity to the ceiling is no big deal is a good way to end up with a fire when you accidentally leave the lights on while away at work.

In other words, trust the discoveries from your home inspections. Laws and building codes exist for reasons, to keep us safe! And, honestly, the rules improve your home’s integrity in the long run. So, address issues as they arise and you’ll find that life runs a lot more smoothly!