Vital Steps Homeowners Should Take After Closing

Couple Sitting Inside New Home After ClosingWhen you’re looking to purchase a new home, several professionals are actively involved in helping make the process as easy as possible. From a real estate agent to a reliable home inspector to a mortgage broker, there are several professionals that guide you through the process of purchasing a home and making sure you take the appropriate steps to do so. However, many buyers feel alone after closing on their home when many professionals step out of the picture.

Accurate Home Inspections has several pieces of advice for homeowners to follow after closing on their home to make the aftermath of purchasing a home easier.

Make a Home Maintenance List

You’re now a home owner, congratulations! Now that the home is officially yours, we suggest walking around the house and making a maintenance list. Although a home inspection will require the previous owners to do certain jobs, there will still be things you’ll need to do around the house. Make a list of the projects that you need to do and start to cross them off your list as you work to make your new house a home.

Announce Your New Residence

One of the first things you will want to do is to alert all relevant parties of your new address and change any necessary documentation. The best way to start is by notifying the post office of your address change and update the information with your work, financial institutions, utility companies, banking institutions, and current subscriptions. Write down a list of everything you pay for and of any mail you’ve received in the last few months to make sure you cover everything.

Change All of the Locks

Unless your home was built brand new for you and has never been occupied before, you will want to change every external lock in the house. You never know who the previous owners gave keys to and you don’t want to risk someone walking into your home unannounced. Use it as an opportunity to choose the best lock system for you with both manual and digital options available.

Freshen Up the Interior

When you’re working on that maintenance list we mentioned above, make sure it includes freshening up your home’s interior as well. From repainting outdated rooms to updated old light fixtures, the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. You finally own a home so don’t be afraid to spend some time modifying the interior to fit your taste.

Meet the Neighbors

Once you get settled into your home, don’t be afraid to venture out and meet your neighbors. Introducing yourself to your neighbors will not only help you to feel like part of a community but it is also a way to familiarize yourself with who to reach out to in the case of an emergency. Exchange contact information when you feel comfortable asking to do so.

Here at Accurate Home Inspections, we typically stress the importance of making sure your home is structurally and technically solid before purchasing a home. Although it is important to get a home inspection that you can trust, we understand that what comes after the closing feels just as important. We hope these topics make the process easier for you. If you are looking for a home inspection in Calgary, Alberta, contact us for more information.

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