Understanding Garage Door Safety

Understanding proper garage door safety is essential for any homeowner that has one. Terra Snyder of Accurate Home Inspections was again featured on “Home and Lifestyles,” this time to talk about garage door safety, a relevant topic for home owners that is rarely discussed.

By understanding how your garage door works, you can prevent potential injuries and possible burglaries, keeping your home safe and secure.

Here are some points to keep in mind regarding garage door safety that she covered:

Properly Adjust Your Photo Eye Sensor

A photo eye sensor is the device shooting out an invisible beam across your garage door, which prevents the door from coming down on someone if passed. They are typically located about six inches or so from the ground. Most garages nowadays are mandated to have one because they are a vital function when it comes to safety. You’ll want to make sure the eye sensor is adjusted to a level where it can pick up heights that capture both children and adults to prevent it from closing unexpectedly.

Double Check Your Auto Reverse

Injuries from garage doors send 20,000 people to the emergency room every year. One of the biggest issues that goes uninspected when it comes to garage doors is the auto reverse feature. This feature is when the garage door stops closing if it comes into contact with another object. Unfortunately, young children have lost their lives to this feature malfunctioning. Don’t let this happen to you: make sure your auto reverse function is working on a frequent basis.

Prevent an Overhead Door Break In

Online videos show an increasingly popular break-in technique, where thieves use wire hangers to activate the garage door slide from outside, thereby giving them access to any home in a matter of a few seconds. But there’s an easy fix: get a plastic zip tie and run it through the emergency slide. This will hold against any intruder.

All too often, garage door safety is often overlooked but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take ownership of your home today and start considering these garage safety tips.

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