Three Surefire Signs Your Floors Need Replacing

Your floors might not be the first thing people notice when they walk into your home, but they are more than likely the first thing you notice. Your floors take a brutal daily beating from rambunctious children, energetic pets, spills, dirt, and more.

If you’re feeling like it’s time for a home floor replacement, it probably is. Here’s a list of symptoms indicating that it may be time to replace your home flooring. Three Surefire Signs Your Floors Need Replacing


Relative humidity levels take a dive during winter, causing your hardwood to shrink. This creates cracks in the boards and contributes to an undesirable looking wood floor appearance. This can be corrected by adding more moisture to the air during the winter months by adding a humidifier, but sometimes the fix isn’t that simple, especially if the cracks are deep. It’s best to have your floors inspected to learn if they are truly salvageable.

Ceiling Leaks

Leaking ceilings are often signs of water damage, but it’s never certain when a leak first occurred once it’s spotted. Water damage often means surrounding structures have also been ruined. To prevent the problem from spiraling out of control, you may want to have the entire affected area inspected.

Stained Tiling                

There is a wide selection of heavy duty tile cleaning products out on the market, but sometimes stains are so bad that not even the most powerful of products can correct them. Mildew stains in bathrooms are unattractive, and can make it difficult on you if you are trying to sell your home. Not only that, but damaged tiling acts as a conduit for water leaks. This can create problems that are often not easily visible to the eye.

At Accurate Home Inspection, we do our best to make sure your home is thoroughly inspected for water damage, cracks, and grout problems. We visually scrub through the exterior and interior of your home looking for any and all issues that are concerning to you. View our home inspection checklist here.

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