Innovative Solar Products to Consider for Your Home

Converting your home to solar power is an easy and responsible way to reduce your carbon footprint and, more importantly, slash your energy costs. There are even programs in place where Alberta homeowners can actually make money back by converting to solar!

Innovative Solar Products to Consider for Your Home

Solar conversion has come a long way, and there are several innovative options available to upgrade your home to solar power.

Tesla™ Solar Roof

One major complaint of solar conversion is the presence of large, unsightly solar panels protruding from your roof or taking up valuable space in your yard. Tesla’s Solar Roof is a perfect solution. Rather than being secured to your existing roof, Tesla’s solar tiles replace it altogether and are beautifully designed to complement the look of your home. In addition to the smooth and textured options currently available, Tesla also plans to release “Tuscan” and “Slate” tile options in 2018, allowing for an even more stylish solar experience. Besides being beautiful to look at, Tesla’s Solar Roof tiles are 300% stronger than conventional roofing tiles, and backed by a lifetime warranty.


SunTegra offers an alternative solution for integrating solar technology into your existing roof, without detracting from your home’s overall aesthetic. SunTegra offers an option for either shingles or tiles, and they are both very easy to install. While Tesla is certainly the most well-known name in solar these days, SunTegra’s integrated solar option actually pre-dates them. The company may be headquartered in the U.S., but sales have expanded into Canada, allowing homeowners to take advantage of this technology.

Of course, these are just suggestions on some of the products available for residential solar use, and Accurate Home Inspections does not promote one over the other. If you are truly interested in utilizing solar energy for your home, be sure to do your research on all available products, and any incentives that may be offered in your area so you can make a truly informed decision for your family.

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