Identify Heat Loss and Drafts Easily in Winter

Heat LossAs homeowners, we do what we can to keep bills down. That’s why when the price we’re paying to heat our homes goes up, and the utility rate hasn’t changed, it’s a sign that your home is losing heat somewhere. Now that winter is here, it is the perfect time to have thermal imaging done at your home to identify where the heat loss is taking place.

Winter is the right time to have thermal imaging done at your home because of the more dramatic difference between conditions indoors and outside. This makes a much more clear distinction between the heated areas and any places that are noticeably cooler, showing that heat loss is occurring. By scanning walls, ceilings, windows and other areas around the home, thermal imaging can provide a clearer picture of exactly where heat loss is occurring so that you can work to remedy the problem.

Insufficient insulation, exterior gaps, poorly caulked windows or improperly sealed doors can all allow warm air to vent out, and with a professional inspection backed by thermal imaging technology, we will find sources inside and outside your home and find the source of your heat loss.  On the exterior of your home, we will check aspects such as the roofing, flashing, vents and chimneys to see if any of those are the source of your heat loss and making you unnecessarily cold during the winter months. Any issues found during the inspection will be presented to you in your home inspection report, giving you the information you need to move forward and make needed repairs or improvements to save on your bills and stay warm this winter.

When you’re ready to have an expert come in and look at your home for potential heat loss points, Accurate Home Inspection can help. Thermal imaging cameras are a vital tool in our home inspection process and help us to find the source of heat loss at your home – and perhaps other hidden concerns with your property, as well.

For more information on our thermal imaging or heat loss inspections or to schedule an inspection at your home, give Accurate Home Inspections a call today at 403-826-6111!

4 Responses to “Identify Heat Loss and Drafts Easily in Winter”

  1. Balir

    Estimated cost on bungalow
    I know leaks exist on foundation / utility entry points
    Do you do remediation or have trusted partners

    • tsnyder-admin

      Hi Balir,
      Please fill out the inspection request form on our website so we can give you an accurate quote.

  2. Alan


    We have a townhouse that may be losing heat, can you quote me for a thermal imaging test to identify these problems.

    Kind regards

    • tsnyder-admin

      Hi Alan,
      We certainly can do that.
      Fill out the inspection request form here on our website so we can get enough information to give you an accurate quote.
      Talk with you soon.


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