Home Improvement Projects that Pay Off

Man Painting a Modern KitchenHome improvement projects are a great way to increase your home’s overall value.

How much value you add to your home over time can heavily depend on your investment into home improvement projects.

Typically, the more you spend, the larger your return on investment will be down the road.  However, small budget-friendly projects have the potential to pay off as well. Here are a few projects to keep in mind if you’re hoping to add value to your home.

Renovate Your Bathrooms

If the bathrooms in your home are outdated, it may be time to update them. Depending on the state of your bathrooms and your budget, you could go for complete bathroom remodels or focus on a few smaller aspects to update. Consider replacing your bathroom vanities and toilets to give your bathroom an immediate upgrade. If you’re putting your home on the market, give your bathroom a fresh coat of paint and some modern lighting fixtures and mirrors to add value with minimal effort.

Redo Your Landscaping

Looking to sell in the spring? Don’t forget that curb appeal increases with a well-manicured lawn. Make your standard front yard eye-catching by redoing your landscape. Add colorful plants and foliage to dress it up and consider adding a focal point such as a fountain or walkway. Make sure that your lawn is neat and tidy with nothing out of place. If you are considering selling in the winter months, make sure things are shoveled and cleaned up before open houses and consider showing some pictures of the yard from the summer months.

Replace Lighting Fixtures

Consider changing out light fixtures that are old and replacing them with modern designs. Take out your old dining room chandelier and consider adding track lighting or pot lights to your living room. Install overhead lighting to rooms that lack it and purchase some lamps to create a cozy, soft living space.

A home inspection can help you know what home improvement projects to focus on, from fixing ventilation issues to installing a new garage door. Trust the experts at Accurate Home Inspections, one of Calgary’s premier home inspectors.

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