Do I Need To Have My High Rise Condo Inspected?

Condos are a realistic option for those people who want to scale down on square footage and want to delight in all of the amenities High Rise Condo Inspections Calgaryprovided by a homeowners association. Even though a board is responsible for the major situations surrounding condo properties, it’s still wise for the individual homeowner to invest in an inspection.


When you purchase a condo, everything between the walls is yours. With that ownership, you want to make sure your investment is a solid one. The only true way of being sure is by having the condo inspected by a licensed professional.


You can turn to the board and other people invested in the association to learn of any complaints brought about by other unit owners. Meeting minutes are public knowledge and you might be able to see if there have been any problems with, for example, leaky roofs, plumbing and wiring.


However, a private inspector can take an in-depth look at areas that can clue you in on whether or not the purchase is viable. Before signing a contract, the home inspector will review to see if there is a proper heating/cooling unit, plumbing, updated electrical, sturdy walls and ceilings and functioning appliances.


The exterior is also just as important as the interior. The inspector will look to see if the exterior walls are insulated, is there proper ventilation, if there are any structural issues such as in the foundation, cracked windows and also what condition the roof is in.


If you want to be an informed condo owner, take advantage of the expert advice you’ll get from a licensed property inspector. By doing so, you’re protecting your investment and ensuring a stress-free condo living experience by avoiding invisible problems.


A lot of inspectors in the Calgary and Edmonton area won’t take a look at a high rise condo, but we will! Contact us today for additional information.


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