Benefits of Using Drone Technology in Your Roof Inspection

Roof inspections are all-consuming tasks that require a lot of care and attention to detail. With drone technology, inspection companies are able to quickly gather reliable data to ensure your roof is properly secured. Here are a few benefits of choosing to hire an inspection company that utilizes this far-reaching technology. Benefits of Using Drone Technology in Your Roof Inspection

Better Accuracy

Drones work beyond a basic 2D scan of a surveyed area, taking video and pictures to deliver correct information the first time around. This saves both you and the inspector time as a quicker read can be achieved more thoroughly.

Safer Inspection

Low sloping roofs pose a problem for professional home inspectors, forcing them to inspect from the ground using a set of binoculars. This limits their line of vision tremendously. Drone technology allows inspectors to work around these hurdles to deliver a more accurate data read of your roof.

Well-Informed Homeowners

If you’re thinking about having work done to your roof, you’ll want to make sure the inspection goes as seamlessly as possible. Before drone technology, homeowners were forced to rely on paper blueprints and descriptions provided to them by contractors. Drones provide home owners with a “bigger picture” and a detailed assessment of the area that they otherwise would not be able to obtain.

Accurate Home Inspections uses top of the line Phantom 3 Professional Drone technology when inspecting the hard to reach places of your home. We stay up-to-date on the latest home inspection technology so that we can provide the most dependable services to you. See what we offer at our services page today.

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  1. Dan Brown

    Considering inspection of condition of pine shingle roofs in a condo community near Calgary. Practicality, costs?
    Dan Brown


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