Look out for Cracks!

For those of you who don’t read the Calgary Herald, I thought that I’d comment on an article from last week. The article warns of cracks in your basement concrete due to the rapid drying and re-humidifying of the clay beneath your home’s foundation.

According to the article, the past decade has been a dry one for Calgary. So the earth dries and pulls away from the foundation, which can cause cracking to occur. Then, when the earth re-hydrates, it pushes against the foundation in the opposite direction, causing more damage. This effect intensifies if your foundation was not properly poured, dried, etc.

So, get your basement and home inspections done before these problems occur! We’ll be able to spot the early warning signs of a faulty or compromised foundation. You need to know how bad the problem is and what kind of solution to go with. So, choose someone you can trust – choose Accurate Home Inspections!

Written by Terra