Leading Causes of Home Fires Are Preventable

Cooking accidents and heating equipment-related incidents make up nearly one-third of all home fires in a number of Canadian provinces, including Alberta, according to the last home fire statistics available at a September 2011 safety summit held right here in Calgary.

Cooking, in particular, tends to be the most problematic for homeowners, causing as much as 20 percent of all home fires and causing more than a quarter – 27 percent – of injuries sustained during home fires. Electrical malfunctions and smoking combined to make up another 15 percent of home fires in the areas studied, as well.

In Alberta, specifically, 36 percent of all fires came in residential areas, leading to 17 deaths and 141 injuries. These fires accounted for nearly $172 million in property damage, as well, according to 2007 statistics.

Electrical FiresFires are always traumatic events, but there is a lot that homeowners can do to protect themselves and their homes. A proper home inspection is the best place to start. People usually inspect their homes when looking to buy a property, but it can be a good idea for homeowners who have been in the place for some time to have an inspection as well to review the home and look for any signs of hidden deterioration or wear that has occurred over time.

A proper home inspection looks at a number of key areas. On the inside of the home, things like vents from the kitchen, bathroom and dryer as well as any chimneys need to be examined for proper ventilation. Inside the home there is the heating and air condition equipment as well as the ductwork, not to mention the condition of the fireplace, if present, as well as any electrical work and the connections to and from appliances inside the kitchen and other areas of the home.

While fire safety can be an excellent reason to get a home inspection, there are others reasons to have your home inspected, too. A professional home inspector can look at your roof or your foundation to look for possible issues like insufficient insulation or cracks that could be symptoms of deterioration. You will also receive a detailed report at the end of the inspection to help you make the best decisions to repair any issues found and ensure that your home is as safe as secure as it can be for you and your family.

You cannot fix what is wrong if you don’t know it’s there, but with a proper home inspection, you’ll have all the knowledge you need. To schedule an inspection appointment with Accurate Home Inspections, one of Calgary’s premier home inspectors, give us a call today at 408-826-6111 or conveniently request an inspection appointment online now.

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