Why Do I Need Porch and Deck Inspections?

A porch and deck are important exterior structures of a home that deserve care. Not keeping an eye on the structure can limit the years of enjoyment as well as become a safety hazard.


For existing porches and decks, winter months can definitely wreak havoc on the structure. Strong winds and heavy snow piles can warp wood, create dangerous pressure points and ruin stains or other decorative features.


With warm weather upon us, get a professional deck or porch inspection done so that potential problems can be detected and Calgary Alberta Home Inspectionsfixed before it becomes unsafe. According to InterNACHI, “More decks collapse in the summer than in the rest of the year combined.” InterNACHI also claims that only 40% of the 45 million decks found across the United States are 100% safe, and the same ratio can be true for here in Canada.


For pre-existing decks and porches, here’s what a professional inspector will look out for:


Is the masonry cracking or flaking?

Is there wood-earth contact, rotted wood or chipping paint?

Has the structure separated from the house or has the structure settled?


A thorough inspection of your newly built porch or deck is also important. Although it is uncommon for a new build to have imperfections, it can happen. A professional inspection will put worries at ease. After the inspection, you’ll know for sure that the structure is sound.


InterNACHI states that, “a deck must be designed to support the weight of people, snow loads, and objects.” This also applies to a porch. Aside from spending years lounging on your outdoor space, the true test of structure strength can only be determined by a licensed inspector.


Accurate Home Inspections is experienced to handle outdoor structure inspections. Protecting the lives of yourself and family members is a priority so call today to schedule an inspection of your new or pre-existing deck or porch.


If you have questions on what should be inspected or what to look for, you can find a checklist by clicking here.