Fun Household Tips for Spring

Spring Cleaning TipsWith winter winding down, that means spring – and of course, spring cleaning – isn’t too far away. While it’s no secret that spring cleaning can be mundane, you can spice things up a bit with a few games for you and your family to play that will add some fun into your home maintenance.

Count the Cracks

Winter can cause cracks in the foundation, driveway, and walkways of your home. So grab the little ones and have them take a look around the house for any cracks. Have them keep count and whoever has the most wins and will receive a prize chosen by you. Hopefully there’s a tie at zero, but if there’s not, you can follow up on the cracks and figure out how or if they need to be fixed.

Move It or Lose It

If you have firewood staged alongside your home, after winter it will likely be damp start becoming a breeding ground for insects. Before any bugs decide to call it home, head outside with your family and see who can move the most wood until it is all gone or at least moved to a location further away from the home.

Who’s the Cleanest

Dirt can find its way to almost anywhere in your home. That means that following a long winter, your home can be quite dirty. Gather your team together and have everyone clean up any dirty or dusty spots that they can find and clean out your home so that it looks great for the nicer months ahead. Once the house is clean, reward the whole family by taking them out for a fun outdoor activity.

Skate the Floors

Just because winter is over, doesn’t mean winter activities have to be too. Using a cleaner that won’t cause anyone to slip or fall, apply cleaning pads to everyone’s feet and set them loose to “skate” around the kitchen or any other rooms with hardwood floors. It’s a great way to have fun and clean the floors at the same time!

Cleaning Brain Game

When cleaning, it’s only normal to clean the regular things like the kitchen or the bathroom. However, this means other things get forgotten. So, have the family come up with a list of offbeat items or appliances that might not be on your cleaning radar. Whoever comes up with the most wins!

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