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Tips for Having Your Vinyl Siding Inspected

The use of vinyl siding on the exterior of residential and commercial buildings is the leading cladding material for exterior surfaces. Vinyl siding is cost effective, appealing, easy to install, and when installed correctly, easy to maintain.   Vinyl siding can definitely add to the value of a home because it drastically enhances the outside… Read more »

Find The Imperfections In The Perfect Home

Investing in a house is a big part of someone’s life. The process takes a large amount of time and effort, but when you find the perfect home, the amount of energy spent throughout the whole process is worth it. Everyone wants a dream home. Some may be able to find it sooner than later,… Read more »

Having Your Chimney Inspected

Even though winter temperatures have arrived and it is the time of the year when Santa will be arriving on your roof soon, it’s not too late to have your chimney inspected. Accurate Home inspections performs chimney inspections and can help get your own ready in time for Christmas and the rest of the winter… Read more »

3 Things to Look for in Windows

Windows are not an easy part of architecture and they make for a tricky area in home inspection. If installed improperly, you might find yourself with mold, cold drafts in the winter, excess heat in the summer… all of which lead to higher bills for repairs and energy costs. So, here are some things to… Read more »

Ignoring Problems – Bad Idea!

As a home inspector, I know about the hazards of incorrect construction, landscaping, etc. But, I think that it’s easy for humans to overlook issues with our homes because we have so many other things to solve in life, so why fix every little problem in our homes? We think, “Yes, sure, this defect could… Read more »

Make Sure to Inspect New Homes!

Calgary has a lot of new homes in various areas around the city, including Sherwood, a new community in Calgary’s northwestern portion. For a look at a specific new home in this area and for information regarding Sherwood, check out this Calgary Herald article. That home looks incredible. I personally love the styling; it features… Read more »

Look out for Cracks!

For those of you who don’t read the Calgary Herald, I thought that I’d comment on an article from last week. The article warns of cracks in your basement concrete due to the rapid drying and re-humidifying of the clay beneath your home’s foundation. According to the article, the past decade has been a dry… Read more »