3 Things to Look for in Windows

Windows are not an easy part of architecture and they make for a tricky area in home inspection. If installed improperly, you might find yourself with mold, cold drafts in the winter, excess heat in the summer… all of which lead to higher bills for repairs and energy costs.

So, here are some things to look out for in windows so that you can avoid these sorts of problems:

1 – Caulking – Is the caulk actually filling the gaps or leaving gaps? Is it tearing off in certain places and creating more gaps? This can lead to a lot of problems, so look out for this in your current of future home.

2 – Wood – How does the wood look around your windows or in your windows? Do you see mold damage or rotting? If so, have it addresses immediately!

3 – Open / Close Ease – How does your window open and close? Do you have to put a lot of work into it or is it pretty easy? It is way too easy? If you have to put forth a lot of effort, this could not only be annoying, but could lead to damage in the future. If it opens and close too easily, this could mean that the seal is not very good, therefore not offering much insulation when closed.

If you see any of these issues, contact a trusted home inspector for more information and help.

Written by Terra