Did You Know Summer Heat Can Cause Damage to your Roof?

With its heavily-compacted snow and powerful winds, winter undoubtedly puts the most stress on your home. By comparison you may not think twice about the summer months, but that would be a mistake. Just think about the last few summers and the record-breaking temperatures we’ve been seeing all over the globe. it’s more important than ever for homeowners to understand how elevated temperatures and significant humidity can affect certain aspects of their home.

One of the major components of any home that suffers the most during those hot summer days is the roof. How so? Consider these factors:

UV Rays

Sun Damage on Roof

What many people don’t realize is that UV rays are damaging even on a cloudy day; imagine the impact when the sun is out and shining. Over time, this exposure will cause the oils in your roof to dry out until cracking, curling, and breakage occurs, and all traces of waterproofing are gone. From there, your roof becomes vulnerable to water and other elements.


Humidity is what you get when really hot temperatures combine with moisture in the air. When this happens, damage can be caused to the roof decking and the shingles may become worn, loose, and more susceptible to tearing off. Leaks can occur due to this exposure and moisture can get trapped inside the attic, triggering the growth of mold and mildew, although not common in the Calgary area.

Thermal Shock

Here in Calgary, nighttime temperatures are often much lower than those we experience during the day. This drastic change can result in thermal shock for roofing materials. The quick expansion and contraction of shingles and roofing tiles weakens the material and may even lead to warping or cracking, which can allow water to penetrate your home.

Your roof is the layer that protects the rest of your home, so keeping it intact is crucial to preventing leaks, mold, dry rot, and other forms of water damage from quickly destroying the rest of your home. While roof maintenance should be a year-round focus, this part of your home deserves special attention during the summer months. Using the services of a licensed and experienced home inspector who provides thorough roof and roof covering inspections can ensure that any damage done by hot temperatures is noticed and addressed quickly. Protect your investment in your home with annual roof inspections from Accurate Home Inspections. Contact us today at 403-826-6111.

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