Make Sure to Have Your Townhouse Inspected

Are you wondering if your townhome needs an inspection before you close the deal and move in? We discussed previously the need to have condos inspected, so you may not be surprised to hear that a townhouse needs an inspection that is just as thorough.

Townhouse InspectionsMany new homeowners would expect a townhouse inspection might not be as vital as it would for a freestanding home, but townhouses can harbor hidden concerns just the same. Townhouse inspections include thorough inspections of the exterior of the home, checking siding or brickwork externally for signs of cracks, leaks or other damage that could be signs of possible problems with your specific home unit.

Inspections are equally important for areas inside the home. Laundry room hookups, dryer dampers, furnaces, water heaters, electrical panels are individualized for each property, and an inspector will check each to ensure that there are no problems with these connections and outlets in your townhouse property. They will also review the rest of the interior of your new home space, as well, checking from floor to ceiling for any issues that could be lurking just out of sight like missing or disturbed insulation or hidden water damage.

Having your home inspected before you close is very important, as it can alert you to any huge problems that the previous owners may have been unaware of before the sale is finalized. This gives you a chance to get these issues fixed before you sign, or even may give you a valid cause to quit due to a serious issue that the previous owners were attempting to hide.

Regardless of whether you are purchasing a single-family home or a townhouse, you should have your home inspected. Accurate Home Inspections specializes in townhouse inspections, and we will work to put you at ease about your new home. Make an inspection request online now, or call us today at 403-826-6111 for more information.

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