Get Your House Ready for Autumn

The crisp, cool temperatures of fall are settling in, so it’s time to prep your home for the autumn season – and the winter months ahead. Here are some tips to keep in mind as the thermometer falls to ensure your home is ready for the season ahead!

Window CaulkingCaulk the Corners

Now is the best time to use caulk to close up any gaps where air could leak out of your home. Start by looking at places around your windows that may need to be re-caulked and apply generously to seal up these spots – preferably before the temperatures drop too quickly and causes issues with forming a complete seal. You can also caulk around doorways that lead outside, helping to protect you from cold drafts blowing in around the doorjamb. Not only will this keep your home warm and toasty, it’ll decrease your utility bill, as your heating system won’t be working as hard to heat your home. Be sure to carefully clean the area you plan to caulk before you apply, and allow ample time for the area to dry.

Don’t Neglect Your Lawnwork

Clean your eavestroughs and trim your trees! These two simple and routine fall yard tasks are things that will help prevent excess ice and snow build up during the winter. Overladen branches that are coated with snow or ice can snap, causing damage to your home or yard, while eavestroughs that are full of frozen leaves will allow ice dams to form, not only creating icicles that precariously hang all along the edge of your roof, but possibly also damaging your roof.

Another pro tip while you’re outside and checking along the roof: hang your Christmas lights now before it gets too cold! Avoid slipping on an icy roof or fighting frostbite to hang your decorations. You don’t have to light them yet, but at least you’re prepared early for the holiday season.

Water One Last Time

You should also water your trees, shrubs and any other outdoor plants one last time before the flakes fly. This provides needed moisture one last time before the cold, ice and snow settle in. Just as with draining a hose, you should work outward – turn off the water inside the home to the water tap, if possible, then run the faucet until dry. Leave the faucet open through the winter – just don’t forget it’s open when you reactivate the water in spring!

Store It or Cover It

Lastly, the summer has been great for spending time outside on your patio furniture, but your outdoor items are not generally built for snow and ice. Pack up your deck chairs and tables and take them to the garage or storage shed for the season. You should also make sure you put away any other outdoor items, like hoses, rain barrels or lawn equipment that could be sensitive to snow and ice. Don’t forget, too, to cover your external AC unit, if you have one – protecting it now from the debris, ice and snow that come in the cold months will help it keep you cool again next summer.

Make sure you check all these items off your list this fall to stay warm, safe and dry well into next year. Fall is also a great time to have your home professionally inspected from top to bottom to find hidden issues that could develop into big problems or be costing you money on your utility bills. For more information, call Accurate Home Inspections today at 403-826-6111 or schedule an inspection appointment online now.

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