Inspections for Sellers – What Are the Benefits?

Inspections for Sellers – What Are the Benefits?You’ve heard of paying to have a home inspected before you buy it, but what about having it inspected before you sell it? There are some benefits to doing an inspection even before you put your home on the market that could end up saving you time and money in the long run.

A potential buyer will most likely have an inspection performed, and that inspection might turn up issues that the buyer will want repaired before he or she
closes on the home. If you’re looking to sell, having your own inspection performed before you put the home on the market will give you an advantage. An inspection report may bring issues to your attention that the buyer’s inspector would have noticed anyway a few weeks later, and this gives you a chance to make any repairs that you might expect a buyer will want to have made ahead of time. This way, when a buyer is interested, the deal can move forward quickly and without any setbacks.

You can also use the inspection as a marketing tool in your home sale. If you advertise to buyers that you’ve already had your home inspected, it will show good faith on your behalf that your home is an open book, and that you can be trusted to sell a home in top condition to your buyer. If there are any issues that you are unable to repair before the home is put on the market, as well, you can be upfront with your buyers about these issues. This can allow you to adjust your asking price ahead of time and negotiate with buyers openly, letting them know that your pricing point is contingent on the findings of your own inspection. This can also eliminate unwanted surprises during the escrow period that could cause the buyer to try and negotiate a lower price or even cancel the contract.

Keep in mind that you can use your own home inspector’s evaluation as a baseline when your buyer’s inspector comes back with an evaluation of his own. If the two don’t line up, and the buyer is asking for a lot of unnecessary repairs to be made that your inspector didn’t see the need for, there might be something fishy going on. Armed with information of your own, you can be a savvier negotiator and get the best value for your home.

Accurate Home Inspections has worked with countless homebuyers and sellers throughout the Calgary region and can help you get a complete picture of your home. For more information, call us today at 403-826-6111 or request an inspection appointment online now.

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