Controlling Window Condensation During Extreme Cold Weather

Window Condensation at HomeWhen it gets extremely cold outside, it’s not uncommon for condensation to build up on the inside of the windows in a home. Condensation typically forms when warm air inside of a home, which is often filled with moisture, comes into contact with the much cooler surfaces of windows. Window condensation can lead to mold growth and even damage windows.

Accurate Home Inspections has several tips of advice on what to do in order to get window condensation in your home under control.

Consider Cracking Your Windows

The idea of cracking your home’s windows on a freezing-cold day might sound crazy but can actually work wonders for a condensation problem. If you notice a lot of condensation building up on windows while you cook or run a load of laundry, crack several windows in your home for just a few minutes. You’ll lose a little bit of heat inside your home by doing this, but it’ll clear your windows up in no time.

Run Exhaust Fans

The key to eliminating condensation from your home is cutting down on the amount of moisture in the air. Exhaust fans will help you do this when you turn them on throughout the day. It’s especially important to run exhaust fans in bathrooms during and after showers and hot baths. They’ll pull moisture out of the air in your home and prevent that moisture from building up on your windows in the form of condensation.

Open Window Treatments

If you keep your curtains, blinds, and shades drawn at almost all times, it’ll prevent the interior surface of your windows from ever heating up. Since they’ll almost always be cold, condensation will form on them regularly any time warm air from inside your home touches them. Open window treatments to avoid this from happening time and time again.

Replace Older Windows

Replacing the windows in your home is, of course, a costly fix. But if your windows are outdated, they won’t have the insulating properties you’d find in newer windows. This will inevitably lead to condensation forming on them on an almost daily basis in the wintertime. By putting new windows in place with double or triple pane glass, you’ll significantly reduce the chances of your windows being covered in condensation when it gets extremely cold outside.

Accurate Home Inspections provides detailed home inspections in Calgary, Alberta, with in-depth assessments of small details and major systems within your home.

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